How to Apply Powder/Liquid Ready

Step 1. Clean and Mix

Clean the substrate with denatured alcohol so it's free of any dirt and oil.

With denatured alcohol, fill to the desired brush or spray application line, mix and stir the content well.

Step 2. Apply and Dry

Brush application: Every purchase of our liquid ready comes with one (1) foam brush applicator. Apply even coats with the foam brush as long as you do not see the substrate through the coat.

Step 3. Mark

Adjust your laser settings and focus the beam on the substrate then make your mark!

Step 4. Wash

You may instantly wash off the excess ink with water or a damp cloth. There is no waiting time needed!

Voila! You now have a permanent mark on your finished product.

Here's the result!

On this process we use our Black Metal Liquid Ready to mark this stainless steel can opener .Watch the full video here!

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