Why Brilliance laser inks?

    Our innovative technologies produce the industry’s highest contrast and highest resolution laser marks on various substrates including metal, steel, aluminum, plastics, and much more!

    Different types of Laser Inks for Metals

    • Aerosol Cans  

      Aerosol Cans

      Aerosol cans, which are our best sellers, are the most convenient and efficient way to apply uniform layers of coating to your material before beginning the engraving process.

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    • Powder  


      Get to explore our powder products that fit your needs. From personal projects to bulk production, we've got you covered! You can stock up on laser marking inks and buy from 50 g up to 1000 g of powder.

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    • Liquid Ready  

      Liquid Ready

      Create your own solution by mixing with a solvent such as denatured alcohol or isopropyl alcohol. This allows precise application with a brush or air knife.

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    Mark with Brilliance Laser Inks

    Different types of Plastic Additives

    • Lazact Clear Marking  

      Lazact Clear Marking

      Laser Activated Additive for Transparent Polycarbonate (PC) Molded Parts, Reveals Black Permanent Marking

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    • Lazact Black Marking  

      Lazact Black Marking

      Laser Activated Additive for Molded Plastic Parts- Reveals Black Permanent Marking

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    • Lazact White Marking  

      Lazact White Marking

      Laser Activated Additive for Black Color Molded Parts- Reveals White Marking

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    Mark with Laser Additives

    How to apply Brilliance product

      Aerosol Products

      Our aerosol cans are ideal for large-scale engraving projects, featuring a spray nozzle for even ink distribution, ensuring quick and effortless application.

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      Liquid Ready Product

      liquid powder come in bottles for precise, controlled application, perfect for intricate designs and small-scale projects requiring speed and accuracy.


      Types of Laser Engraving

        When choosing a laser machine, it's important to understand the differences between CO2, Diode and Fiber laser machines.

        Diode lasers has a wavelengths in the range of 805 to 1064 nm for affordability and basic material compatibility.

        CO2 lasers with an infrared wavelength of 10,600 nm for versatility and precision across various materials.

        Fiber laser ranging between 780 nm and 2200 nm for unmatched performance on metal engravings.